God Will Rescue Me

So The Place of Deepest Misery is The Place of Greatest Glory

“Pray to me in times of trouble.  I will rescue you, and you will honor me.” Psalm 50:15

I had memorized that verse some years ago.  I’m not sure why I chose it at the time, but now it means the world to me.  It is a promise, and God does keep His promises.

I am an emotional person to say the least.  I am bi-polar, which means I move from being very depressed and unproductive, to very hyper and productive.  Like most things in life that sound like a curse, it can be harnessed and be a great blessing.

My son is also bi-polar, but he is still learning to make it a blessing.  His trials are great and his sorrows are deep and painful.  He has attempted suicide twice and can quickly swing from sweet to vicious.  Like most parents, I and my wife would much rather have his afflictions than watch him suffer through them, but that is not our choice, it is God’s.

But our pain has been real and heart-wrenching.  Our marriage has been stretched and beaten.  Twice I was sure we would never recover.  People in pain say awful things to each other, and our home has at times been filled with hateful words that can be forgiven, but may never be forgotten.  To lie in bed for hours wondering if tonight your son will give up and commit suicide, is to spend a night in hell.

Each time something awful would happen I would come crashing down, feeling like I was drowning.  Each time I was sure it couldn’t get any worse, and then it got worse.  And yet, each time when I got to the point where I felt I could pray no more and my life was over, the Lord would rescue me.

How He would rescue me, was always a surprise.  Something or someone would be in the right place at the right time to change the situation or to change my frame of mind.  My son would find encouragement or my wife and I would speak in ways that were actually better than before the trials started.  Just as the Lord pulled Peter out of the water when he was walking on the water, but then saw the waves and started to drown, he would reach down and save me.  It happened over and over and over.

So what did I learn from this, really?

First, He will always save you.  It may get far worse than you think, but He will always, always, always save you.  He is alive, He does care, He is here, and He will rescue You.  Wait on Him.  Be like Job and proclaim, “Though He slay me, I will trust Him.”  He may slay you, but He will rescue you, every time.

Second, and this is life changing, when my faith grew to the point where I knew He would save me, my fear of trials decreased dramatically.  Because I know He is with me, I can face the pit of hell.  I can accept that I may feel like I am drowning.  I know soon again I will be miserable and crying out, but it is OK, because He will rescue me. 

It is amazing the power this give You.  At one time Satan only had to rattle his sword and I would step back in fear.  I wonder how many times I failed to fulfill the will of God because I was afraid of the trials.  I am not naive enough to think I won’t fail again, but not as often and not as profoundly because hell is not so scary any more, for God will rescue me, and you, every time!

Lastly, and perhaps this will sound like I’ve gone too far, because He rescues me every time, my trials and suffering bring Him great glory.  Bringing God glory is the purpose of our lives.  So now, I try to thank God for my trials.  It is a huge change in your life when you can thank God for trials.  It reminds me a little of when the apostles were scourge by the Jews and they thanked God that they were found worthy to be persecuted for the Lord.  My sufferings are not comparable to the apostle’s of course, but I do find some comfort there.

I recently was praying with my wife, (because a trial had brought us together) and found myself saying, “I know in the end my God wins every war.  So the more Satan brings to the war, the more he will lose.  Satan, bring on the giants!  Bring Goliath and all his cousins.  Bring the fire of hell.  I want the worst, for my God will rescue me.  I know two days ago I was drowning in grief.  And two days from now, I likely will be again.  But God, You will rescue us and we will be so much stronger for it.  So Jesus, help me to charge the giants for Your glory.  Bring it on!”  That is the prayer of a man whose life was changed by trials.

So to summarize a little.

  1. He will always rescue us.

  2. Because He will rescue us, we need not fear even the worst trials.

  3. Our faith through trials brings Him glory, which is our purpose in life, so thank Him for our trials and pray for the courage to charge the giants.

Thomas Less  05/18/2010


About Thomas Less
There isn't much to know about me. I'm just a guy who has known the Lord since I was 8. I'm no famous teacher or trained pastor even. Just a sinner who has been saved by Jesus.

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